12 things I wish I’d known before I went to Dubai

12 things I wish I’d known before I went to Dubai  Skyscrapers and camels... but what else? Skyscrapers and camels... but what else? CREDIT: AP  Hazel Plush, travel writer 1 AUGUST 2017 • 10:15AM Dubai's tourism boom shows no sign of slowing. The city welcomed more than eight million international overnight tourists in the first six months of the year, an increase of 10.6 per cent on the same period in 2016.  For anyone planning to visit in the coming months, here are some things I've learned from my numerous trips that you really ought to know.    1. There's life beyond the skyscrapers Dubai has a rich history, and the UAE culture is fascinating if you scratch beneath all that gold. Weren’t expecting that, were you? Promoted Stories Global Version Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 4GB 64GB 5.99" Full Screen MIUI 9.5 Smartphone… Aliexpress  [Pics] A 700-Year-Old English Country House Is On The Market For The First Time In A Century [Pics] A 700-
Dubai: it's big and brash, flashy and ostentatious. It's a super-car traffic jam on a big-city street. It's a $1000 bottle of champagne when a cheap sparkling would do. It's the biggest, the best and the most expensive of everything. At least, that's what people expect when they arrive in this Middle Eastern metropolis. Dubai is supposed to be small on culture, and big on bling. It's here for a good time, not a long time, and it doesn't mind telling you so. BUT IS THAT REALLY THE CASE? FIRST-TIME VISITORS MIGHT BE SURPRISED… The food is good, and it's cheap Thanks to a large immigrant population, including a huge influx of people from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Iran and Jordan, Dubai has an incredibly good and affordable food scene. Simply wander the streets of Deira, one of the city's older and cheaper neighbourhoods, and you'll find tasty treats from around the world, available on the street for only a few dirhams. And for the

So its First time in Dubai? Don't miss out

While visiting Dubai last fall I took notes everyday which led to this post,  Dubai Travel Guide for First Time Visitors ! I don’t know about you but one of the most frustrating things to me when preparing for a trip is researching items all over the internet. I review so many articles to gather enough information to make sure I am prepared for that city or country. Because let’s face it, how many of us have time to read an entire Lonely Planet book? (Although I do still occasionally download them   Therefore, I will continue to write travel guides for my readers. My first  post about Dubai  included my favorite pictures and was on overview of how I spent 5 days there. That post will help you build your itinerary. This post is a long list of tips that will cover almost everything else you need to know. So here is my Dubai Travel Guide! Visa : with a US passport you do not need a visa to go to Dubai (or Abu Dhabi) which is a part of The United Arab Emirates. Getting there : We